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Our History

The original crest of Singapore Amateur Boxing Association (SABA) first emerged in Singapore, during the post World War I period, in the 1920s, with SABA , the national controlling body for amateur boxing - being founded on 21st March 1929.

Canon R.K.S. Adams ,then Principal of St Andrew's School , was the main proponent of the "gentleman's" sport and encouraged the Saints (students of SAS) to take up boxing for "discipline and manliness". First President (elected on 21 March 1929) was Mr D Santry with Hon. Sec being Mr R.A.C Williams

As of 2022 . we are now renamed as Singapore Boxing Federation, the national governing body for the sport of Boxing in Singapore. 

Shown below are pictures from the past to the present , showcasing boxing in Singapore through generations on.

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